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Party of Chamber Choir of TTÜ and Choir of Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

Chamber Choir of TTÜ (TTÜ Kammerkoor [est])
Kungliga Tekniska högskolan [swe] (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm [eng]) (Stockholmi Kuninglik tehnikainstituut [est])

So the two choirs had a party today (19.04.2008) at our small but humble club (Kultuuriklubi Ollalaa). I was the bartender that night, so I had a chance to serve some nice drinks. Haven’t done bartending for two months now. Really enjoyed it.

I think the main reason why I liked that night was the people. Estonians and swedes, they all behaved nicely. Ate, played games, sang songs. Of course the bar was also a popular place to hang out at 😀 Comparing to the last party we had, it was absolute heaven for me. Last time we had a birthday and it went a little crazy. People drank too much. Some girls couldn’t handle themselves and constantly tried and succeeded to invade my territory inside the bar. Fun at first, but annoys when I’m trying to mix drinks.
Yesterday I did not have such an issue. They stayed outside the bar. Also I set up a table at the entrance to the bar, so it wasn’t easy to enter.

Oh, and I made 50 welcome shots for the guests (Special recipe that we make). That was quite a row, wish I had pic of it. (2 meters)
And speaking english all night is also fun! 😀


PS! Tommorrow start the Studentdays in Tallinn. Next week in Tartu. Yay =)